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90+ Point Wine

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Wine Online offers a curated collection of 90+ point wines from top-rated wineries around the world. While wine scores can be helpful when evaluating wine, they represent just one aspect of the overall experience, and should not be solely relied upon when evaluating a wine.

Wine preference is a personal experience, so it's important to explore different types and find out what matches your individual taste and budget.

Whether you're a wine enthusiast or just looking for a special bottle for a celebration, Wine Online's collection of 90+ point wines is sure to impress. Shop our selection online and discover new favourites today.

Rated on depth, tasting note, flavour and much more, our 90+ point bottles of wine are some of the best yet affordable on the market. Wine Online values quality over any critic score and works to provide wines that meet both the members' and our own high standards.

We have incredible warm and spicy reds like a bottle of 2019 Parcelica Chica to collection-worthy intense and bold reds like a 2018 bottle of La Belle Helene Cote-Rotie, rated at an incredible 100 points. You can be confident that our collection of 90+ point wines is the best out there. Shop online today.

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! That’s why our satisfaction guarantee ensures that in the event you’re not satisfied with your wine, we will make arrangements to replace it with a more suitable option.

Best 90+ Point Wine Types

The wine authority system is simple to understand. It’s a numbers system that ranks wines from 50-100 and is used by sommeliers and wine enthusiasts to recommend a wine based on their character and style. At Wine Online, we believe in offering the finest quality wines, so that’s why you’ll find the best 90+ point wine types on our site. We only list outstanding to classics, so you know you’re getting the best quality!

To help, you can select from our bottles of 90+ point wines that offer incredible value yet high-quality wines. Take a look at the scale below so you can make a more informed decision about your wine choice:

  • 95-100: A classic, high-quality wine of exceptional value
  • 90-94: An outstanding wine with superior tasting notes and style
  • 85-89: A very good wine
  • 80-84: A good wine suitable for most occasions
  • 75-79: An OK wine. Very drinkable but might not be to everyone’s tastes
  • 50-74: Not typically recommended.
  • No Points: This means the wine was not yet rated.

The next time you pick up a bottle of Chardonnay from Wine Online, check out the point rating next to the bottle and make sure you’re investing in a truly luxurious bottle of wine recommended by seasoned experts!

Luxury 90+ Point Wines

It's not just your standard house wines, like Cava that is rated at 90 points; we also offer luxurious bottles of wine rated at the very top of the scale, offering a classic, high-quality wine that’s worthy of its very own wine cellar. Check out the 100-point bottle like our Chateau Pontet Canet from Bordeaux valued at $729.99, offering you a classic, rich bottle that is perfect for a luxury gift to mark a special occasion.

90+ Wines Under $30

If you're looking for the best 90+ wines under $30, then you'll find simple yet satisfying bottles of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon or classic 2019 Regginino Chianti from the famous Italian wine region, Tuscany. A highly rated bottle of wine doesn’t need to cost the Earth so you can find a budget-friendly 90+ point wine at Wine Online!

Buy 90+ Wines Online

If you’re not sure which is the best 90+ wine for your next dinner party or office gathering, you can shop our collection with confidence knowing you’re investing in the highest quality wines backed by our experts. We only offer wines with the most complex and diverse tasting notes, offering you a premium drinking experience every time. Shop our collection online and experience luxury wine like never before.


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We never want our clients to be any less than 100% satisfied with any purchase from WineOnline.ca. Should you be unsatisfied for any reason, the remaining bottles can be exchanged or returned for store credit within 60 days of purchase. We will even come pick them up!

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