Mother’s Day Wine Gifts

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, which leads to the inevitable scramble for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift! Gone are the days of noodle necklaces or home made objects, you’ve grown up and your mom deserves to be spoiled! To help you in your choice of the best gift for mom, here is a guide to choose the ideal wine for (almost) all moms!

The bubbly perky Mom

Polloni Brut by Polloni N/V

Your mom has that effervescent personality that is infectious? Give this perky lady the gift of wines that are as fresh, flavorful and fun as she is, the Polloni Brut.
When we tasted this, we got very excited. This wine has plenty going on. Not only does it make a for beautiful aperitif, but it is absolutely delicious with a host of appetizers, especially foods such as smoked salmon, potato latkes, or a nice piece of grilled white fish.
Our opinion on delicious bubbly is simple. There is no better way to start an evening. Whether you are hosting an event, or just hanging around with the some friends or family, a glass of bubbly has a way of putting everyone in to just the right state of mind to enjoy the rest of the evening. 

The bobo, Organic Mom

Signature Pinot Gris AOC Alsace Bio By Domaine Muré - Clos Saint Landelin 2016

You mom loves everything with organic mention? Domaine Muré – Clos Saint Landelin is a globally recognized organic/bio viticulture superstar. Their wines have infiltrated the collector market and are increasingly visible on trending restaurant wine lists across the globe. And, with ubiquitous nods of approval from critics, this formerly best-kept secret producer is a gem in disguise.

Beaujolais Villages Burgundy by Stephane Aviron 2016

Do you want to go further? Beaujolais Villages Burgundy by Stephane Aviron 2016 is Bodynamic Beaujolais Perfection. Sustainable viticulture, extremely old vines and classic Burgundian techniques. He focuses on the Beaujolais village crus, all but forgotten gems of vineyards when the nouveau craze took over, which are the best sites for unique, expressive and terroir driven wines.

The foodie Mom

Gewürztraminer VQA by Redstone Winery 2016

She will love sweet wines! So you have to think about Gewurztraminer grape… Red Stones have a 100% Gewurztraminer wine. It’s the perfect choice with spicy dishes, especially Asian cuisine. It pairs beautifully with miso-glazed pork belly, coconut shrimp, ginger-glazed salmon or sweet-chili chicken stir-fry. With its lush body, it is also a great match for chicken liver mousse or pan-seared foie gras! By the way, the Rougié Foie Gras Mousse With Truffles Product of Quebec Canada (320g) is just amazing. Cooked by the greatest Chefs across the world, Rougie produces the best fats and fat products in Canada.

Chic and elegant Mom

Côtes du Rhône La Devèze by Domaine de Dionysos 2015

Surprise your Mom with Valley du Rhone wines, prestigious labels as its appellation. One of our favourite is the Domaine de Dionysos. An elegant, powerful, beautiful and well structured wine. Domaine de Dionysos Named “Winemaker of the year” by Robert Parker.

And to taste her favourite red wine, she deserves the best glass… With Bordeaux Wine Glass by Zalto Glassware she will definitively taste like a pro… For a lot of Sommeliers, this is not just a glass, this is art:

“Zalto glasses are in my view the finest on the market. Perfectly balanced, ultra elegant, and just a sheer joy to use.” – John Szabo, MS

“The finest, thinnest stem I have ever used. Delicate, elegant, incredibly light and a pleasure to hold.” – Sara d’Amato

Where to find these wines?
→ Polloni Brut by Polloni N/V :
→ Signature Pinot Gris AOC Alsace Bio By Domaine Muré – Clos Saint Landelin 2016 :
→ Beaujolais Villages Burgundy by Stephane Aviron 2016 :
→ Gewürztraminer VQA by Redstone Winery 2016 :
→ Côtes du Rhône La Devèze by Domaine de Dionysos 2015 :

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