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Canned Foods

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  1. Pasquale Bros. - Kozlik's

    Canada (Canada)

    Breads, Red Meat, Rich Fish, White Meat

    Canada grows over 90% of the world's mustard and is home to the world's biggest and oldest mustard mill. Kozlik's has been hand-making mustard for over 60 years, and is recognized as the world's best.


    Taste and texture come together in this blend of three different types of whole mustard seed, Canadian whisky and honey. Great as a rub on pork roasts, served with foie gras as well as raw oysters. 1/5 Heat Factor

    > Learn More

  2. Pasquale Bros. - D.O.P

    Italy (Italy)

    Breads, Red Meat, Rich Fish, Vegetables, White Meat

    Would you like to know the difference between an ok tomato sauce and a truly outstanding one? The tomatoes. The Italians didn't invent the tomato, but they discovered where the best place was to grow them - the San Marzano Valley outside of Naples in Southern Italy. The DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) status of these tomatoes is your guarentee of quality & origin. Will they make a difference? Absolutely. Strianese carefully picks their tomatoes at the peak of ripeness. They are whole peeled, sweet & tender. > Learn More

  3. Pasquale Bros. - Ginos

    Italy (Italy)

    Breads, Red Meat, Rich Fish, Vegetables, White Meat

    These fresh halved tomatoes are partly dried in the hot summer sun in order to become 'semi-dry'. They are then combined with oil, salt, pepper and fresh basil. > Learn More

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