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  1. Producer: Pasquale Bros. - Staite's Honey


For over 100 years, Pasquale Brothers has been the premier source for high quality imported foods in the Toronto area. Our specialties include olives, olive oil, vinegar, tomatoes, pasta, sauces, spices and charcuterie.


Wildflower Honey is made by bees that have collected nectar from a local source of wildflowers. The taste and composition of Wildflower Honey can vary depending upon the variety of flowers in bloom at the time the Honey is made. The potential health benefits of Honey are many due to its nutrient rich content and anti-microbial properties. Our Honey has zero fillers and zero off shore Honey mixed in. Staite's Honey is 100% Pure Canadian Honey. Please note prices may vary at farmer's markets we attend to.


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