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  1. Producer: Relanghe - Enrico Crippa

The inception of Relanghe traces back to the Ceretto family's acquisition of a vineyard nestled in the picturesque Piedmont region of Italy. Originally centered around a passion for crafting exquisite wines, fate intervened when they stumbled upon an unexpected treasure – a flourishing orchard boasting acres of hazelnut trees.

Roberta Ceretto described the orchard as a rare and esteemed gem, with hazelnuts believed by many to be unparalleled in quality worldwide. Faced with the choice of selling the orchard or shifting their focus from wine, the family astutely transformed their discovery into a lucrative venture. While wine remained their primary love, the allure of hazelnut candies captivated them, leading to the inception of their hazelnut candy business.

The Genesis of Relanghe – A Company Rooted in Innovation

In the scenic Langhe Vineyards of Piedmont, the Ceretto family founded Relanghe, drawing inspiration from the orchard where their exceptional hazelnuts flourished. Choosing the city of Alba, renowned for white truffles and the iconic Alba Cathedral, as the site for their factory marked not only a strategic decision but also a commitment to fostering employment opportunities in the region. The family enlisted skilled confectioners, harnessing their expertise to breathe life into this new and exciting venture.

A Peek into the Relanghe Process

Within the confines of the factory, fresh hazelnuts meld harmoniously with nougat through a traditional, handmade process intrinsic to the region's heritage. Comprising 50% Nocciole Piemonte (the renowned local hazelnuts), alongside white cane sugar sourced from Cuba, honey, a touch of vanilla, and a hint of glucose, the resulting candy is a testament to their commitment to quality.

The meticulous Relanghe process unfolds with honey and sugar simmering for hours – four for a soft nougat, eight for a crunchy counterpart. Simultaneously, hazelnuts undergo roasting, patiently awaiting their turn to be added to the velvety nougat. The concoction is then expertly spread and allowed to set. In a culmination of craftsmanship and automation, the candy is precision-cut and meticulously packaged within the factory's confines.

Beyond their flagship nougat, Relanghe extends its confectionery prowess to include various hazelnut-infused delights, solidifying its reign in both production standards and consumer preference. In essence, Relanghe has not just created candies; they've crafted an experience where tradition converges with innovation, resulting in confections that stand as a testament to their commitment to excellence.


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