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  1. Producer: Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co.

When you sit to enjoy a glass of wine, you might be craving a snack or two. Instead of reaching for the store-bought chips you swore you wouldn’t touch, why not enjoy Gourmet Food from Wine Online? We have an extensive range of snacks, condiments, food and oils that are perfect for making a high-quality meal with your indulgent bottle of wine. No matter your tastes, we have gourmet food online for you.

Gourmet Food Delivery Right to Your Door With Wine Online

If you’re tired of searching for gourmet food for your next dinner party while grocery shopping, let Wine Online do the hard work. We have a comprehensive range of gourmet food available for you now. From rich chocolate hazelnut biscuit Piemonte to luxury Rougie Foie Gras Mousse with Armagnac, that creates the perfect appetizer for your guests.

You won’t have to step out of your door for any of these items, as Wine Online delivers gourmet food right to your door. We even offer free deliveries on orders containing more than 12 bottles of wine, so if you’re stocking up for your next dinner party, you can benefit from free shipping!

Snacks, Condiments and Oils To Accompany Your Wine

We don’t just stop at snacks and gourmet food; you can also find high-quality oils, condiments and recipe ingredients to make the perfect meal. You’ll find extra virgin olive oils, penne pasta, vinegar and much more to make a truly delicious and impressive meal for your next dinner party.

Of course, if you’re looking for a quick snack that doesn’t require any preparation, you can choose from our potato chips, including black truffle, Iberian ham, and smoked paprika.

Order Gourmet Food Online at WineOnline

If you’re looking for high-quality gourmet food, snacks, ingredients, and condiments delivered straight to your door, look to Wine Online. You can find incredible quality food at affordable prices to accompany your indulgent bottle of wine. Order online from us today to sink your teeth into some delicious food.

Sprucewood Brands is a young, proudly Canadian company that evolved from our highly popular 25-year old catering firm; sprucewood event planning and catering.

Mark Pollard, our founder and instigator is also known as “the big cheese”. Mark loves to create and serve a variety of small batch, high quality hors d’oeuvres selections to his corporate and private catering clients.

One of these unique, savory snacks is our “cocktail cheddar cheese shortbread cookies”!

That’s right. A savory shortbread cookie, sugar free and made with 4-year old Canadian cheddar cheese. They taste cheesy and homemade, with a little zing at the end. Our cookies make happy palates, plain and simple.

For years, many of our catering clients and their guests had to know where they could buy these fabulous delectables. In fact, for a while, Mark was selling this savory shortbread out of his own back door at home! Demand exceeded all expectations – it still does today!!


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