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Grassl Mineralité Hand-Blown Wine Glass (1 Pack Gift Box) by Grassl

Grassl Mineralité Hand-Blown Wine Glass (1 Pack Gift Box)

by Grassl

Producer : Grassl Glass

Region : Switzerland (Switzerland)

Tasting Notes

REGIONS & VARIETIES: Ideal for acidic wines with verve, where delicate aromas are as important to the experience as the taste, this exquisitely designed glass is specifically shaped in order to pronounce the taste profiles of wines from the Mosel, Sauternes, Champagne, and Loire Valley regions.

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Each mouth-blown glass is produced through a rigorous artisanal process requiring 5 expert craftsmen. The crystal is reinforced through multiple heating and cooling cycles, coupled with tempering the mouth. The end result is an incredibly lightweight yet resilient thin crystal glass that is free of imperfections.

FOR THE CONNOISSEUR: Designed with the help of winemakers, oenologists, professionals, and enthusiasts alike, the Mineralité glass will perfectly partner with complex white wines or champagnes. The intentional design makes these glasses perfect for swirling and sniffing. Whether you are an aspiring sommelier, you like to have tastings with your colleagues, or you simply enjoy wine as a hobby, Grassl glasses are a great place to start.

EXPERTLY DESIGNED: Our long-stemmed glasses are made with a continuous piece of pulled crystal and are therefore more resistant to breakage. The wide bottom opens the wine up quickly, while the tapered, smaller opening at the rim captures the aromas and brings the focus to the nose. Finally, the cold-cut rim seals the glass in a nonporous condition, ensuring smooth delivery from glass to mouth.

DIMENSIONS & DETAILS: The measurements of the Mineralité glass are as follows: the mouth opening is 54 mm, the bowl is 90 mm, the stem width is 5 mm, and the rim to stem is 230 mm. You'll receive a single dishwasher-safe wine glass with your order. Try Grassl's fine glassware for a luxurious experience.

Hand-washing strongly recommended


Producer Grassl Glass
Region Switzerland (Switzerland)

The Producer

Grassl Glass

Grassl Glass is pursuing traditional glass making techniques with a focus on functional wine-centric glassware design.

Every Grassl Glass is handmade by artisans with over 30 years of glass blowing experience. The result of their skill is a glass with remarkable precision, highest quality materials and unbelievable thinness that feels weightless in your hand. All shapes were developed with the feedback of world renowned winemakers to establish a clear benchmark for how their wines should unfold and be enjoyed by everyone.


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