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Heart to Heart Champagne Glass by Riedel (8 pack)

Heart to Heart Champagne Glass

by Riedel (8 pack)

Producer : Riedel

Region : Austria (Austria)

Tasting Notes

The classic Champagne glass is perfect for light, fresh, dry champagnes and sparkling wines.

Its slimline shape is great to encourage the bead in champagne, sparkling wine and prosecco, making it the choice for those connoisseurs who are after a thin and elegant flute.

Fall in love with Heart to Heart, packaged for gifting as the two boxes fit together to make a perfect heart for your loved one.

The Heart to Heart series features the RIEDEL Extreme glasses, which mimic polished diamonds with wide angles that allow plenty of room for the wine to breathe. They have specifically designed to enhance and emphasise the pleasant softness and generally fruity notes of the New World wines.

This pack contains 8 pieces. Machine-made and dishwasher safe.fe.


Cellaring Drink Now or Cellar
Sweetness Descriptor Not Applicable See Sweetness Chart
Producer Riedel
Region Austria (Austria)
UPC Code 6409/85
Price of Case $440.00

The Producer


When developing a glass, RIEDEL's design ideas are not born on a drawing board, but shaped by trial and error with the help and support of the world's greatest palates. A person interested in wine is led by color, bouquet and taste, but often the glass is not considered as an instrument to convey the wine's message. Over the years, RIEDEL has acquired some interesting scientific explanations as to why the shape of a glass influences the bouquet and taste of alcoholic beverages. The first discovery was made while enjoying wine. The same wine displayed completely differently characteristics when served in a variety of glasses. The differences were so great that experienced connoisseurs were made to believe that they were tasting different wines. The grape variety is the key factor in determining the relationship between fruit, acidity, tannin and alcohol. As the next step, RIEDEL was able to create shapes in which the wine, vinified from specific grape varieties, seemed to improve. We started to recognize the complex role that size and shape play in conveying the message of a fine wine.


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