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Oat Flour 2kg Bag by K2 Milling

Oat Flour 2kg Bag

by K2 Milling

Producer : K2 Milling

Region : Ontario (Canada)

Tasting Notes

k2MILLING is an Ontario focused, artisanal flour mill that operates as a continuation of the HAYHOE family’s 127 year legacy (1891-2018) in the milling industry in Ontario. k2MILLING has a truly unique milling technique that was developed in-house for artisanal, kraft milling and the retention of flavour and produces their own energy on site.

A unique artisanal flour mill.  Their Mark 1 Mill milling process is simple and cool; preserving the taste and nutrition of the whole seed in the flour. Their flour is only milled once.


Producer K2 Milling
Region Ontario (Canada)
Food Weight (grams) 2500

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