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The People of WineOnline.ca

Most of the world knows us as a wine website, but behind this pretty interface are some great people. Here are a few of the key players that make up the heart and soul of WineOnline.ca.

  • Aaron Bick Co-founder, Business Development, Pro Wino
  • Daniel Bick Customer Service, Logistics
  • Kelly Dixon Administration, Customer Service
  • Joel Cheng Accounting & Finance

  • Name: Aaron Bick
  • Position: Co-founder, Business Development, Pro Wino
  • Favourite everyday wines: Marc Kreydenweiss Barbabelle and El Meson White Rioja
  • All-time favourites: 1998 Soldera Casse Basse Brunello and the 2002 Chassagne Montrachet "Embrazees" by Bernard Morey
  • Memorable wine experience: A vertical wine tasting (1994 to 2002) in the Soldera cellar with Monica Soldera
  • Hobbies & Interests: Travelling, biking, hiking, eating and, of course, drinking wine
  • In my past life I was... a food critic

  • Name: Daniel Bick
  • Position: Customer Service, Logistics
  • Favourite everyday wines: Whatever is in my glass.
  • All-time favourites: Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru by JJ Confuron, Andlau Riesling by Kreydenweiss, Barbabelle also by Kreydenweiss
  • Memorable wine experience: All of them
  • Hobbies & Interests: Rapelling from great heights
  • In my past life I was...
  • Name: Kelly Dixon
  • Position: Administration, Customer Service
  • Name: Joel Cheng
  • Position: Accounting & Finance