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Handheld Aerators

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  1. Why wait for hours for your wine to decant? Unlock the full flavor of reds and robust whites with the Aereo™ Basic Aerator. Pouring your wine through it softens tannins, accentuates the wine's bouquet and delivers a smoother finish.
    • BPA-free plastic & secure rubber seal
    • Hand held areator
    • Mimics 2.5 hours of decantation
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Helps enhance flavor and aroma of wine
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  2. Tired of letting your wine breathe for hours before drinking? The wait is over! With HOST®'s Adjustable Aerator, decant any wine from zero to six hours instantly.

    • Simulates up to six hours of decanting instantly
    • Integrated aeration intake negates the need for messy external tubes
    • Regulated pour for dependable aeration levels every time
    • Decantes wine from zero to six hours
    • High quality stainless steel and BPA free plastic construction
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  3. The new Vinturi for white wine! Contrary to popular belief, white wine benefits from aeration just as much as red wine. This new Vinturi has different internal dimensions and flow rates than its red wine counterpart. The result however, remains the same - perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass.

    • Hand-held aerator
    • Adds proper amount of oxygen
    • Includes base, pouch, and filter screen
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