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Cork Screws & Stoppers

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  1. Coravin

    Designed especially for the Coravin System, this durable and stylish carry case is a convenient way to bring your Coravin System from place to place. The soft-lined carry case is compact, for easy transport of your Coravin System plus inside are pockets for holding two additional gas capsules. > Learn More

  2. This unique corkscrew is patterned after an 18th century English antique known as the King's Corkscrew. Perfect for any wine or history buff, this decorative and functional corkscrew will open bottles in style. INSTRUCTIONS Use the top lever to push corkscrew down into the cork. Use the side lever to pull the cork up and out of the bottle.

    • Inspired by the King's Corkscrew
    • Opens wine bottles with ease
    • Unique design makes it a great conversation piece
    • Antique gold finish
    • Makes a great gift
    > Learn More

  3. Effortless, ingenious and effective, the Nautilus™ Lever Corkscrew merges an ergonomic easy-motion handle with a gear-driven non-stick worm to give you all the leverage you need. With a lift of your hand, your bottle is open. All that's left to do is enjoy it.

    • Stainless steel & soft-touch plastic
    • Easy-motion lever handle
    • Includes foil cutter & spare worm
    > Learn More
  4. An ergonomic soft-touch body and easy-lever handle define the Virtuoso™ Lever Corkscrew. This classic wine opener stays propped off the counter on a kickstand so it's always within reach. Just pump the lever down, pull up and your cork is out in one quick, smooth motion.

    • Stainless steel & soft-touch plastic
    • Easy-motion lever handle
    • Includes foil cutter & replacement worm
    > Learn More
  5. Our Silver Lux™ Electric Corkscrew is designed to uncork any bottle of wine with ease—at the touch of a button, this sleek opener pulls the cork smoothly up and out of your bottle. Rotate the top arrow from "close" to "open" to release and use the integrated foil cutter.
    • Rechargeable
    • Includes AC adapter
    • Removable foil cutter
    > Learn More

  6. Coravin

    The Wine Aerator allows air to mix with your wine as you pour, for a smoother and more aromatic experience. The Aerator is designed for use with the Coravin System and can be held directly above the g... > Learn More

  7. Coravin

    The Coravin Three Needle Kit contains three different Coravin Wine System needles, providing you with a needle for any bottle or situation. All Coravin Wine System Needles are stainless steel and Teflon™ coated, providing durability and easy insertion for over hundreds of pours. > Learn More

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