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Wine Accessories & Stemware

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Enjoying a high-quality glass of wine doesn’t just stop at getting the perfect bottle. You will also need to find the best wine accessories and stemware to enjoy your wine in style while keeping the bottle contents safe when not in use. For the best quality wine accessories and bar glassware, shop at today.

High-Quality Bar Glassware from Wine Online

When you invest in a bottle of wine from wine online, you’re investing in luxury. But why stop there? Why not find the appropriate bar glassware to take your wine indulgence experience to the next level?

Wine Online provides customers with a range of stunning glassware specially designed to give you that fancy-restaurant- feel to your wine-drinking experience. You’ll find stemless wine glasses to stemless champagne flutes to enjoy while you experience the irresistible bubbles from a bottle of Champagne Brut Imperial by Moet & Chandon.

Stylish Stoppers, Cork Pullers, Pourers, and Coasters

Keeping your wine fresh while the bottle sits idle on your kitchen counter or your fridge is essential, so why not ditch the trick of placing a metal spoon in the bottleneck and buy yourself some stylish stoppers from Wine Online? We offer stoppers in various styles, from contemporary colour assorted stoppers to heavy-duty stoppers to keep your sparkling wines safe.

You’ll also find high-quality cork pullers, coaster sets for your home bar, and even pourers for a mess-free wine-pouring experience.

Best Wine Accessories for Your Home or Bar

Of course, why stop at soppers and coasters? Why not take your home bar to the next level with the best wine accessories, like cellar tags to identify your special vintage bottles or appetizer plates that give your guests a professional catering experience when they attend your next get-together?

Find Exceptional Wine Accessories and Bar Glassware from Wine Online

At Wine Online, we know that a high-quality wine-drinking experience goes far beyond simply pouring and drinking, so we supply a vast range of functional and stylish wine accessories and bar glassware so you can elevate your home bar. Shop Wine Online today to experience real quality.

That Zalto glassware is structurally sound seems a minor miracle. The featherlight bowl, so fine it dissolves into its surroundings, is held up by a stem not much wider than a lollipop stick. But there’s much more to a Zalto than appearances. Leading sommeliers claim that it enhances the nose and flavor of a wine in a manner unlike any other glassware in the world, a feature that has solidified it as the uncontested favorite among top-tier restaurants. While Zalto wine glasses have only been in production for little more than a decade, the artistry that laid the foundation for the glassware dates back to the 1400s. For six generations, the Zalto family has worked as the leading artisanal glassmakers in Lower Austria’s Neunagelberg, a major wine region. In 2003, Kurt Zalto approached Father Hans Denk, a local priest with a renowned palate for wine, to collaborate on a stemware collection. What resulted was a series of precision-engineered wine glasses, applying Father Denk’s comprehension of wines to Zalto’s glassmaking capabilities and marrying pure form with superlative function. The finely honed craftsmanship behind a Zalto is near impossible to ignore — and it goes a long way toward fostering conditions conducive to best tasting a wine. Whereas machine-made glasses have a rounded lip, Zalto’s glasses are polished down to be flat, essentially dissolving the barrier between mouth and wine and improving delivery to the tippler’s palate. The glasses disappear into the background and let you taste the wine unadulterated by the heft or body of the vessel, says Zalto brand ambassador and award-winning sommelier Aldo Sohm. He says that his first time sipping from the glassware was revelatory. It was like having previously unheard-of clarity about a wine. I didn’t want to drink out of anything else.

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