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  1. Grapes: Aglianico
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Originally developed but no longer common in Greece, Aglianico grapes are cultivated in the Campania and Basillicata regions of Italy. Sometimes described as a black or a deep red grape, it does well in warmer climates. In recent decades, wineries in California and parts of Australia have begun to cultivate it. Along with a warm climate, the Aglianico does well in soil that is rich in nutrients. Volcanic soil provides the optimum setting for the growth of the vines and the production of the highest quality of fruit. This grape can be used as a stand-alone option for wine or mixed with other types of grapes or fruit. Some of the more popular options include the use of plums and cherries. In terms of taste, the grape is high in tannins and acid. This makes the grape an eclectic mix of tart and sweet. When prepared for use in wine, the result is a deep red that ages well and is ideal for serving at dinner or as something nice for a friendly chat with friends.

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