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  1. Producer: Ceretto

The Ceretto winery was founded in the 1930s: Riccardo Ceretto, who did not own any vineyards, produced wine from grapes he purchased. The turning point came when his sons Bruno and Marcello joined the business, with their innovative thinking for the time: the importance of the land. Though this seems obvious today, memories of the poverty of rural life in the Langhe region - described so well by Beppe Fenoglio in his novel “La Malora” (“Ruin”) - were still fresh, and Riccardo was reluctant to invest in purchasing land.

In the 1960s, Bruno and Marcello started mapping out the land that produced the best wines, and buying the vineyards. They would never leave the region again.

And so we are looking to the future: our family is a group with a shared vision, we make decisions together, guided by respect for expertise: we give those who have something to contribute - to the company, and to the territory - the tools to achieve that vision.

Every single project we undertake bears our genetic imprint and expresses the same values. Everything is culture: from award-winning gastronomy at Piazza Duomo to traditional Piedmontese cuisine at La Piola, and our art projects. The Chapel by Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett, in a Barolo Brunate vineyard at La Morra, places art in an agricultural landscape, elevating and celebrating it: there is an educational element, not direction from above but contamination from below. The same applies to our pursuit of environmental sustainability in the vineyards and in the cellars: we do not think of ourselves as being in competition with other wine producers, but we take pride in proving that even when you cultivate many hectares you can still respect the environment. Our mission is to open up new paths.


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