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  1. $149.70

    Peninsula Ridge

    Canada (Canada), Niagara (Canada), Ontario (Canada)

    6 x 750 ml

    Cured Meat, Hard Cheese, Red Meat

    A rich yet approachable wine full of blackberry and blueberry flavours with soft, silky tannins. Wonderfully scented and full bodied with a beautiful balance. > Learn More

  2. $215.40

    Bodega Septima

    Argentina (Argentina), Mendoza (Argentina)

    12 x 750 ml

    Breads, Cured Meat, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables, Soft Cheese

    "Understated and savoury with sous bois and confit black fruit aromas. Firm, tight and juicy palate with a degree of austerity. Will reward aeration."

    92 points - International Wine Challenge 2018 (2016 vintage)

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  3. $474.00

    Caymus Vineyards

    Argentina (Argentina)

    6 x 750 ml

    Breads, Cured Meat, Ham, Hard Cheese, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables, Salted or Marinated Mushrooms

    This Malbec is made from grapes grown in the Andes Mountains, shipped chilled to Napa Valley and produced with the same techniques as our Caymus Cabernet. Falling outside standard labeling rules, it does not include a vintage date but is known by the voyage from which it traveled (Voyage 6 is the 2015 vintage). Offering scents of ripe plums and cherries, this wine is powerful and supple, with flavors of French oak and soft tannins.

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  4. $275.40

    James Mitchell

    California (USA), Central Valley (USA)

    12 x 750 ml

    Breads, Cured Meat, Hard Cheese, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables

    Full bodied and fruit forward, this robust and flavorful wine is all about honest to goodness ripe blackberry and dark cherry, warm spice, smoky mocha and vanilla from oak aging. The tannins are well integrated and the finish is nice and long. It goes down great with a juicy steak, barbeque ribs or a soul satisfying hamburger. > Learn More

  5. $179.40

    Château de Gaudou

    France (France)

    12 x 750 ml

    Breads, Cured Meat, Hard Cheese, Pasta, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables, Salted or Marinated Mushrooms

    "Beautiful deep ruby. Very pure nose of ripe wild berry fruits. The palate shows more of the same authentic aromatics with abundant freshness. A very aromatic, delightful, pared-down style that is also well-structured."

    Gold Medal - Gilbert & Gaillard 2018

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  6. $299.40

    California (USA)

    12 x 750 ml

    Breads, Ham, Hard Cheese, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables, Salted or Marinated Mushrooms

    "You know those bottles that bring you to your knees? This is one of them. With a crushed velvet mouth feel — all polished on top and plush underneath — this wine draws you in with flavours of ripe mixed berries, café latte, smoked plum, milk chocolate, toasted tobacco and vanilla cream. Elegant yet slightly brooding, this wine is a steal."

    96 points - Carolyn Evans Hammond, Toronto Star, July 2018

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One of the more colorful stories about Malbec is that it first appeared in France thanks to the efforts of a Hungarian peasant. While the exact story varies, most experts believe that the grape originated in what is now the northern area of the Burgundy region. Whatever the origins, Malbec is one of the six grapes most commonly used in the production of the popular red Bordeaux wine. The grape is noted for having an unusually thin skin. In order to ripen, it requires greater exposure to direct sunlight and higher levels of heat than some varieties. When combined with other fruits, the result is a wine with a full body and a pleasant taste that tends to linger on the tongue. In recent years, wines have appeared that use the Malbec as the sole fruit. Many experts project that these wines will command more attention in the years to come.