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  1. $148.80

    Vineland Estates Winery

    Niagara (Canada), Ontario (Canada)

    6 x 750 ml

    Cured Meat, Hard Cheese, Red Meat

    This single vineyard expression of Gamay is beautifully representative in every way. The violet, black current and raspberry notes are all expressed over a foundation of the aroma of tilled earth just before a lightning storm. A firm but resolved tannin structure is interlaced with a bright acidity making this wine ideal for pairings, and as these essential elements are finely balanced within this versatile wine, incredible flexibility and diversity is allowed. Duck, lighter beef dishes, pork and even some fish will make great accompaniments to this wine. Invite this Gamay to dinner. The conversation on and around the
    plate will be classic.

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  2. $294.00

    Fratelli Serio & Battista Borgogno

    Italy (Italy), Piedmont (Italy)

    1 x 3000 ml

    Breads, Cured Meat, Hard Cheese, Pasta, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables

    The 2014 Barolo sets off with some ripe and soft aromas that come as a surprise given the cool growing season. The 2014 vintage saw heat in the week leading up to harvest, and that last-minute heat wave has done a lot to shape this Barolo. Dried cherry and cassis segue to wild rose, tar and grilled anise seed. The mouthfeel is watery and lean.

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