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  1. $575.40

    Robert Biale

    California (USA), USA (USA)

    12 x 750 ml

    Breads, Ham, Hard Cheese, Pasta, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables, Suckling Pig, Vegetables

    This elegant, refined and almost Burgundian style wine is a blend of Biale's old vine parcels from the North coast. Brilliant garnet red in the glass with ripe raspberry and Bing cherry notes on a lifted and silky, pleasure packed palate of crushed, tangy sweet berries. Biale crafts their Zin exactly in the style of Cru red Burgundy and the best part is-This Zin is nearly half the price of their vineyard bottlings! Limited release.

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While many people think of Zinfandel as a California grape, it has a history that traces back to old Europe. The latest DNA typing indicates that it originated in what is known as Croatia where Zinfandel is known as Crljenak Kastelanski. The vines are believed to have come to North America in the early years of the 19th century and eventually transported to the western coast during the Gold Rush of the late 1840‘s. The origin of Zinfandel has led some to believe it’s the same as the Primitivo grape. While they are similar and share a common origin, they are no longer recognized as being the same variety. With a lighter color than many red wines, Zinfandel also provides a lighter body. The moderate amount of tannins and the high acidity do provide a bold taste that lingers on the tongue. The alcohol content of the wine produced with the grapes can range anywhere between 14 and 17%, making it an excellent wine for a family celebration or a quiet evening with someone special.