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Domestic Rosé Wine

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  1. $94.50

    Cave Spring Cellars

    Niagara (Canada), Ontario (Canada)

    6 x 750 ml

    Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat

    This rosé is vinified from grapes grown along the benchlands of the Niagara Escarpment. Before pressing, the partially crushed berries are left on their skins just long enough to produce a rosé-tinged must. Fermented dry, this wine offers refreshing berry fruit and lively acidity, making it ideal for casual fare any time of the year.


    A dry, vermillion coloured rosé with fresh, ripe strawberry aromas predominating overtop notes of white pepper; the front palate continues with an abundance of juicy strawberry fruit; a tart, redcurrant/rhubarb quality balances the middle, while a cleansing seam of acidity accentuates notes of mixed berries and pepper on the finish.

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  2. $100.50

    Vineland Estates Winery

    Canada (Canada), Niagara (Canada), Ontario (Canada)

    6 x 750 ml

    Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat

    True, meaningful art is created by the very last movement. Knowing when to stop is even more important that knowing where to begin. In the best tradition, this bright, expressive rosé was minted by one final master stroke. The fresh field berry notes needed one more ray of sunshine to come to their zenith. The final addition of classic Vineland Riesling brought a verve and definition to the rich berries while shining a light on the inner brooding heart of the wine. At once, all of the inward energy was turned outward and the new rosé literally shone from the glass. The balanced acidity keeps this work of art engaging and ready to entertain complimentary flavours from savory partners.

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