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Imported Sparkling Wine Under $25

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  1. $179.40


    Italy (Italy), Veneto (Italy)

    12 x 750 ml

    Cocktail, Sweets

    Fine sparkling wine obtained by natural fermentation with the Charmat method. Pale straw-yellow colour with greenish highlights, it has a thin, abundant perlage and a typically fruity bouquet. The taste is soft, dry, delicate and fruit-filled finish. 

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  2. $227.40

    Cantine Riondo

    Italy (Italy)

    12 x 750ml

    Rich Fish, Salad

    The denomination of Extra Dry means the wine is actually off- dry, so it has a touch of sweetness. This Prosecco has aromas of white blossoms and golden delicious apples, with velvety bubbles on the palate and flavours of apple and pear.

    92 Points - Luca Maroni, Sept 2020

    Gold Medal - Berliner Wein Trophy

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  3. $227.88

    Masia Puigmolto

    Penedès (Spain), Spain (Spain)

    12 x 750 ml

    Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Roasted Vegetables, Soft Cheese, White Meat

    Raspberry pink, fine and homogeneous bubbles. The nose is very clean, with hints of red fruits and bakery aromas. In the mouth, the bubble is very well integrated, tingly. With a very nice impression red fruit it is extremely fresh and leaves a light and very pleasant aftertaste.
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  4. $227.88

    Principi di Porcia

    Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy), Italy (Italy)

    12 x 750 ml

    Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, Sweets, White Meat

    Subtle straw yellow with a long-lingering bead of pin-point bubbles. Delicate, fruity, with a refined hint of yeasts on the nose. Truly distinctive for its refined aromatics and exquisite balance.
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  5. $239.40

    Principi di Porcia

    Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy), Italy (Italy)

    12 x 750 ml

    Fresh Fruit

    Pale pink with amber highlights. Bright fruit with citrus on the complex nose. Fresh and fruity with a tangy, round finish. Delicious as an aperitif or with desserts.
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  6. $125.94

    La Delizia

    Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy), Italy (Italy)

    6 x 750 ml

    Rich Fish, Risotto, Scallop, Vegetables, White Meat

    A fragrant wine with intense green apple, pear, light peach and floral aromatics. A pleasant and fine sparkling wine that is fresh and well balanced.

    "Prosecco high on fruit is made interesting by a slight lean to the oxidative plus side. Add to that a leesy complexity and sparkling life is really developing some interest. The acidity is a step below some but the tart component is more intriguing than most because it is neither sharp nor lactic. It's actually layered, resulting in complexity."

    Michael Godel, Wine Align

    "A crisp and refreshing sparkler, well balanced with lively notes of green apple. A dry wine that can be enjoyed by itself — yet with plenty of fresh flavors that easily can be complemented by spicy dishes"

    91 points - Beverage Dynamics, July 2018

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  7. $263.40

    Conti Riccati

    Italy (Italy), Veneto (Italy)

    12 x 750 ml

    Cured Meat, Fresh Fruit, Soft Cheese

    Enticing scents of ripe orchard fruit, aromatic herb and fragrant white spring flower take center stage on this elegant sparkler. The generous palate doles out juicy white peach, ripe Granny Smith apple and tangerine zest. Fresh acidity brightens the creamy flavors while an elegant mousse imparts finesse.
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  8. $287.88

    Can Petit

    Catalonia (Spain), Penedès (Spain), Spain (Spain)

    12 x 750 ml

    Fresh Fruit, Salad, Scallop

    This small, artisanal producer is located at Espiells, the highest peak in Penedes, which contributes to freshness and balance.  Bright, pale-straw colour with a persistent mousse of fine bubbles and aroma of rich, ripe apples.

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Delicious imported sparkling wine can be enjoyed any time, Not just for special occasions. Imported Sparkling wines under $25 are extremely food friendly. Pair them with chicken, seafood, a light salad, dessert or drink it on its own. When you think of sparkling wine your mind may jump to Champagne. Although Champagne may be the most well known, this wine is exclusively produced in the Champagne region of France. Still, there are many delicious sparkling wines produced in other countries.

There are several different styles of imported sparkling wine under $25. The most popular type is “brut,” which is a dry style that is very food-friendly. On the opposite end of the spectrum is “demi-sec,” a much sweeter version. Expect flavours of strawberry, apple, pear, nuts and vanilla with fresh aromas of apple, pear and baked bread.

Imported Sparkling wine is essentially regular wine but with high levels of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is responsible for the bubbles: it either forms naturally through fermentation within a bottle or tank, or it can be injected into the wine manually. Most sparkling wines are white or rosé, but there are some examples where red wine has been used. The most common grapes used in the production of sparkling wine are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier.

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