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  1. With a whitewash finish, brass accents, and faux leather straps, the Country Cottage Antique Wine Box will add an old world charm to any collection. Each box is designed to fit a 750 ml wine bottle. Perfect for any history or travel aficionado!Â

    • Made of wood with whitewash antique finish
    • Brass accents and faux leather straps
    • Designed for 750 ml wine bottles
    • Holds 1 bottle
    • Makes a great gift
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  2. Our 2-bottle treasure chest wine box adds distinction and worldly charm to your collection. Distinct brass accents, and faux leather straps secure your bottles within.Â

    • Wood, brass and faux leather construction
    • Buckle and snap closures
    • Designed for 750ml wine bottles
    • Metal, leather and brass handles
    • Makes a great gift
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  3. Our 2-bottle Treasure Map wine gift box has old world charm. It comes with an aged wood finish, brass accents, luggage straps and an antique map design. An excellent accessory for any history or travel aficionado!Â

    • Wood and faux leather construction
    • Brass buckle closure
    • Wood bottle insert
    • Accommodates 2 standard wine bottles
    • Makes a great gift
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  4. This faux leather box makes an excellent gift. Capable of holding one bottle of wine, the gift box includes four different wine tools a corkscrew, bottle stopper, foil cutter and drip ring. With a secure insert to hold your wine in place, this box is a great addition when giving the gift of wine.

    • Set of 4 distinct wine tools
    • Secure padded insert
    • Includes corkscrew, bottle stopper, foil cutter and drip ring
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  5. A generous present is half presentation. Enclose a gift bottle in our Latch Wine Bottle Gift Box, its interior lined with a black velveteen insert and its lid secured by a golden closure and hinges. Inside, the bottle is secured by an adjustable brace until the recipient is ready to open and enjoy.

    • Fits 1 standard wine or champagne bottle
    • Faux cherry veneer
    • Includes latch & adjustable bottle brace
    • Removable neck support
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  6. Beautiful inside and out, this gift box has a padded insert, so your wine tools will be held securely in place. This set includes a corkscrew, bottle stopper, pourer, and drip ring; with space for a wine bottle as well. An extravagant gift, this is an excellent present for any wine connoisseur.

    • Cherry-stained wood
    • Includes corkscrew, bottle stopper, pourer & drip ring
    • Wine bottle gift box
    • Secure padded insert
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  7. Your six best bottles will stay put while you travel to an earlier time with our Chateau Old World Wine Box. Brass and faux leather details give the handsome teak wood map chest an old world charm.Â

    • Fits 6 standard bottles
    • Crafted from TK wood, brass & faux leather
    • Box measures 14.5â€_x009d_ x 13â€_x009d_ x 9â€_x009d_. Â
    • Brass latch & faux leather accents
    • Makes a great gift
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