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  1. Remarkably soft and exceptionally absorbent, our Microfiber Polishing Towel removes oils, fingerprints and water spots alike as it gently dries and polishes. The result is invariably streak-less, spotless glassware.

    • Lint-free & scratch-free microfiber
    • Soft, absorbent cloth polishes as it dries
    • Gently removes oils, fingerprints & water spots
    • Machine washable
    • Great for all glassware
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  2. These portable, flavorless wipes alleviate stains.

    • 20 wipes in a convenient case
    • Great for traveling
    • Designer metal case
    • Natural ingredients
    • Mirror inside
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  3. Mix these stainless steel decanter cleaning beads with a bit of water, pour into your decanter, carafe, coffee pot, flask or travel mug, and swirl. Watch as stains and sediment disappear, then pour the beads back out and with a rinse they're ready for reuse.

    • Includes over 250 beads
    • Cleans inside decanters, bottles, carafes and vases
    • Stainless Steel
    • Reusable
    • Easy to use and effective!Â
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  4. Our Glimmer Glassware Brushes are designed to leave every crevice of glasses and decanters crystal clear and scratch-free. They're long, limber and reusable, meaning you get a gentle, thorough clean of drinkware every time.

    • 2 reusable brushes
    • High-tensile foam
    • Non-scratch
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  5. Our slip-resistant silicone drying mat features a raised chevron pattern to catch drops of water from your dishes before they seep onto your countertop. Cast in a cool slate gray, it's impermeable, heat-resistant and easy to use anywhere.
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