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Dessert Wine

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  1. $49.70

    Cave Spring Vineyard

    Canada (Canada), Niagara (Canada), Ontario (Canada)

    2 x 375 ml

    Breads, Sweets, White Meat

    Solidly in the dessert wine camp in this vintage, this checks in at 102 g/L residual sugar. Peach, apricot and ripe nectarine fruit flavors abound, with a drip of honey. It's juicy and big, but never cloying, and finishes with a suggestion of dry straw.

    93 Points - Wine Enthusiast, January 2019

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  2. $68.00

    Big Head

    Canada (Canada), Niagara (Canada), Ontario (Canada)


    Sweets, Tarte tatin

    A pretty dessert and versatile dessert wine. The nose reminds me of yellow things like sugar pear, banana, quince and honey. On the palate, the wine is not too sweet, and there is a refreshing acidity that relieves the sugary pressure almost instantly. This would be perfect with rich dishes like cheese or terrine and could compliment lightly sweetened panna cotta. > Learn More

  3. $659.88

    Weingut Vollenweider

    Germany (Germany), Mosel (Germany)

    12 x 750 ml

    Breads, Ham, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, Sweets

    The 2019er Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling Spätlese was made from fruit partially affected by botrytis (20%) picked at 96° Oechsle, and was fermented down to sweet levels of residual sugar (92 g/l). It offers a rather backward nose made of pear, mirabelle, whipped cream, a hint of fresh pineapple, and plenty of smoke and wet stone. The wine is gorgeously and finely sizzled on the palate, where subtle flavors of lemon, apricot blossom, white pepper, and herbs woe for one’s attention. The finish is all about subtle creamy and zesty finesse, and this despite the comparatively high sugar levels of the must. This gorgeous “feine Auslese” expression of Riesling is simply to die for. We would not be surprised if it would eventually warrant an even higher rating, such is its potential. What a wine! 2029-2049

    96 points - Mosel Fine Wines, May 2020

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  4. $136.00

    Big Head

    Canada (Canada)

    2 x 375ml

    Sweets, Tarte tatin

    This has the intensity and richness of icewine, complexity of botrytis, and freshness of Riesling. Honey, beeswax, sugar pear and white flower notes with a hint of button mushroom. The wine is sweet, but finishes fresh and stays with you. Have with Pâté or terrine, or Japanese cheesecake. > Learn More

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There is a wide variety of dessert wine types, from the relative newcomer Ice Wine to longtime favourites like Port and Sherry that our grandmothers drank or floral wines like Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Müller-Thurgau or Chenin Blanc. They are some of our favourites at

Ice Wine is the new boy on the Dessert Wine block. And given our weather, Canada is the top Ice Wine producer in the world. As you can imagine, Ice Wine is produced from grapes that have been frozen on the vine. True Ice Wine can only be produced when the vineyard freezes and it must be harvested and pressed while the grapes are still frozen! Consequently Ice Wine tends to be expensive - and usually comes in smaller bottles. You can enjoy Ice Wine on its own or pair it up with chocolate or fresh fruit. Either way - a great excuse to celebrate in style.

Madeira, Port and Sherry are timeless, top dessert wine types. They are traditional wines for celebrating with friends and family on their own or for pairing with chocolate desserts, blue cheeses, walnuts and dried fruit. Madeira was famously used to toast the American Declaration of Independence into existence.

Some of the top dessert wines originate in Bordeaux including Sauternes, Barsac, Cadillac and Monbazillac (made with Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc). The complex and tropical flavours of Sauternes are second to none paired with sweet, fruity desserts like crème brulée or raspberry cheesecake.

There is a wide range of Dessert Wine types and they have been exceedingly popular throughout history. And when you look for wine online, we make sure you have access to some of the top dessert wines available. Enjoy!

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