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Domestic Sparkling Wine

What luck! The top producers of Domestic Sparkling Wine are in the Niagara Peninsula - right in our backyard. The passionate winemakers in Niagara plus the standards set by the VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) have put Niagara on the wine world map. And they did it by planting the appropriate vitis vinifera - Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – all of which thrive in a cooler climate and coincidently produce wonderful sparkling wines.

Niagara is ideally suited to produce top Sparkling Wines. Niagara’s latitude is similar to regions in France where Champagne is produced. The Niagara climate’s shift in daily temperature adds more complex flavours to the grapes compared with warmer growing regions. This added complexity results in crisp and complex wines that provide the perfect base to produce Sparkling Wine. And one last detail. The limestone-based shale and clay loam soil in Niagara imparts minerality onto the wines contributing to its complexity - just like in the Champagne.

Wine Online offers domestic sparkling Wines from some of Niagara’s top producers such as Konzelman Estate Winery, and Henry of Pelham with Sparkling Wines crafted from Riesling grapes, or from hand-harvested grapes from Limestone Ridge. Several of the Sparkling Wines use the Traditional Method meaning they create the effervescence right in the bottle.

The Niagara Sparkling Wines provide a range of wines under $25 and even the top domestic Sparkling Wines in the Wine Online selection are below $35. So stay close to home and enjoy the local production. They are worth it!


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