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  1. Enjoy these unique stemless wine glasses. Made with flexible plastic, these glasses will never shatter. Great for parties and outdoor BBQ's!

    • Pour capacity 8 oz (maximum capacity 15 oz)
    • Durable & flexible plastic
    • Shatter-proof
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  2. Personalizing bottles is just plain fun. Use our silver and gold Shimmer™ Metallic Bottle Pens to keep track of your favorite vintages in your cellar or kitchen, label bottles for a blind tasting or decorate stand-out gifts!

    • Set of 2
    • Drys instantlyÂ
    • Writes on bottles & glasses
    • Wipes off with damp cloth
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  3. Our handy Tastebud Wine Glass Lanyard zips to encase any standard wine glass and loops around your neck to hold it while you meet, snack or chat. Made of insulating neoprene to maintain temperature, the lanyard is perfect for wine tastings and parties of all sorts.
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  4. Take your wine for a walk and keep it cool with this 14.5 ounce insulated wine cup. A sealed lid prevents spills and a straw makes for easy drinking. The stem keeps it classy.

    • Holds 14.5 oz
    • BPA-free plastic
    • Insulated for cold drinks
    • Includes straw & lid
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  5. Help your wine or Champagne keep its cool outside the fridge with a durable acrylic-and-chrome Cocoon Bottle Cooler. It replaces melty cubes with a streamlined double-wall design, keeping the beverage's temperature low on its own. Just like that, easy entertaining becomes effortless.

    • Acrylic & chrome
    • Insulated double wall design
    • Fits standard bottles
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  6. Put down your puny glasses and make way for the King Kong of vessels! This majestic beast makes a mockery of ordinary glasses. No more time consuming trips on the old sip train. Just pour in the whole bottle and drink like royalty. Finally, your big reds and mighty whites have met their match. Go ahead and try to fill it. We dare you.

    • Holds One 750 ml Wine Bottle
    • Makes a Great Cork Holder
    • Glass Construction
    • Hand Wash Recommended
    • Makes a Great Housewarming Gift
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  7. Sake the chic rising star of the beverage world. Sip and serve it in traditional style with our authentic fire-glazed sake set, featuring four hand-painted cups and a specialized spouted sake carafe. Kanpai!
    • Four 3.5-oz cups & one 8-oz carafe
    • Hand-painted fire-glazed ceramic
    • Dishwasher safe
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  8. Matters not if wine is destined for chef or pan, you'll be prepared. This lead-free crystal glass measures in both cups and sips.

    • 12 oz. lead-free crystal
    • Accurately marked in 1/4 cups and 2-ounce sips
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  9. The Modern Ice Bucket is made of durable acrylic and features two cut out handles for easy mobility. This sleek black bucket is capable of holding both wine and champagne. Use this bucket to chill all of your favorite bottles.

    • Acrylic
    • Holds wine & champagne
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  10. Rooted in centuries of Venetian glassmaking tradition, crystal offers the purest, most elegant drinkware experience available. Its perfect clarity coupled with precise lines and angles define our flawlessly crafted Burgundy glass and unite our crystal collection as a whole.

    • Accommodates 21 Oz Comfortably
    • Includes 2 Glasses
    • Lead Free Crystal Construction
    • Sleek and Modern Design
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