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Best Premium Vodka

If you are a cocktail lover, you may enjoy the finest spirits, such as the best vodka brands. You may have used your favourite vodka to make the perfect cocktails. If you have found that the best premium vodka with incredible flavour profiles is ideal for cocktails, you might want to use the highest-quality bottles to craft them. Canada's best online wine retailer, Wine Online, provides these options.

With a fuller range of good vodka compared with many liquor stores, we offer the perfect spirits to help you elevate your cocktail game. Make sure you order vodka online with us to start sipping vodka cocktails that taste delicious.

Buy the Best Vodka Brands

There are several things Wine Online offers spirit and cocktail lovers – a range of vodka brands that are second to none in flavour and remarkable calibre spirits. Our Pinnacle Vodka 750ml is one example of this outstanding quality that will leave you contentedly sipping your beverage. It offers a smooth, fresh texture and a neutral character ideal for cocktail-making.

Like most of our wines and spirits at Wine Online, this vodka brand is fully endorsed by expert samplers. It received 92 points in the 2021 Critic's Challenge and the gold medal in the San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge and Consumers Choice Sip Awards (2020).

We also offer quality vodka brands with different flavour profiles. Our Northern Keep Vodka 750ml contains a winter wheat blend, a creamy mouthfeel, and locally harvested rye. With sweet, smooth, and silky textures and flavours in each bottle, this vodka is another excellent option for cocktails. It is a slightly spicy, citrus-flavoured vodka that earned 96 points from our professional spirits samplers.

Discover Vodka Produced in Canada

At Wine Online, we're delighted to offer excellent vodka produced in Canada Ontario, and deliver it to your home. Searching for a vodka brand that is ultra smooth? Our Banff Ice Vodka 750ml might be the option you need. It is another example of the perfect spirit for creating refreshing cocktails.

We deliver vodka brands that offer incredibly smooth textures. Our Crazy Monkey Vodka 750ml is one of the smoother brands that provide a clean drinking experience. It is a small batch spirit that contains only Ontario soft wheat as a base ingredient. Consume it with caviar, soft cheeses, and breads for the perfect flavour combinations.

For an alternative smooth and creamy vodka also distilled in Canada, our Alberta Pure Vodka 750ml is another option for cocktail mixing. This vodka has bread-like aromas, which make it a unique brand with a distinct flavour profile. Its 90 points and gold award from the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition endorse the incredible calibre of this brand.

Order Premium Vodka to Your Door with Wine Online

If your home bar cart looks empty and you need to add premium vodka to your spirits list, Wine Online will meet your needs. Our vodka takes the cocktail-making experience up a notch and ensures the only cocktails leaving your home bar are high-quality and tasty.

Choose Wine Online to buy vodka online and make the best cocktails. Avoid paying for shipping when you make an order worth more than $179. Get vodka sent to your doorstep.


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