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Best Imported Sparkling Wine

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Wine Online’s sparkling wine is a testament to the artistry of winemaking, delivering a sensory journey that transports you to distant vineyards and ignites your senses. Elevate any occasion with the opulence and elegance of imported sparkling wine, and immerse yourself in a world of unrivaled indulgence. Indulge in the captivating allure of imported sparkling wine!

Best Imported Champagne for Every Occasion

If you’re looking for the best imported champagne to impress your guests, consider our Veuve Clicquot Champagne Brut. With hints of toffee apple, lemon, and vanilla, the touch of sweet notes will whet the palate. This wine has received 94 points – its incomparable quality surpasses many options and is second to none.

Other excellent quality imported Champagne examples include our Champagne Grand Cru Le Mensil-Sur-Oger Blanc de Blancs. This bottle will infuse your palate with lime blossom, green apple, and white flowers and complement rich fish dishes and scallops. It received 93 points, which endorses its incredible quality.

If you're looking to venture further than imported sparkling wine, you can give your evening the elegance it needs with our Champagne Grand Cru MSNL Extra Brut. Creamy on the palate with fresh fruit and sandalwood flavours, this Champagne boasts remarkable textures and aromas. It will match your shellfish and roasted vegetables perfectly.

Buy Imported Sparkling Wine from the Comfort of Your Home

Imported sparkling wines are also a popular choice that will match plenty of food choices. At Wine Online, we deliver only the best quality imported sparkling wines, such as our N/V Crémant de Jura Brut Blanc de Blancs. When you sample this imported sparkling wine, you will feel as though you are in the French vineyards of Jura. Its white grape and chardonnay base evoke a contrast of creamy textures offset with tart acidity.

For an imported sparkling wine of the rosé variety, why not consider sampling our Brut Rosé Champagne? Blended from the juiciest chardonnay grapes and mixed with Pinot Noirs, this beverage will enthrall all of your senses. From notes of red berries to citrusy aromas, the characteristics of this Brut Rosé Champagne also match tasty, rich cheeses and risotto dishes.

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